View Full Version : New college basketball rule changes

06-06-2011, 09:37 AM

Three major rule changes were implemented:
1. Men's games will have a 3 foot arc from the center of the basket where no charges can be called. (NBA has this rule already).

2. The women's 3-point line will now be the same as the men's. Apparently 63% of the attempted 3-pointers in the women's game were behind the men's 3 point arc already, so they just moved it up.

3. There will be no more "intentional fouls" (to match the NBA). There will be Flagrant 1 (2 shots and ball) or Flagrant 2 (2 shots, ball, and ejection of player).

Also, the womens' game will experiment with the 10 second get-ball-to-midcourt rule in exhibition games. Right now, there is no time limit. Expect the 10 second rule to be implemented next season.