This is the official draft Blaine Gabbert thread.

Great size at 6' 5" and 235-240 pounds.

Nice stats the past two seasons in the Big XII.

2009: 262 - 445, 3,593 yards, 24 TD's, 9 INT's and a 140.45 QB Rating.
2010: 301 - 475, 3,186 yards, 16 TD's, 9 INT's and a 127.03 QB Rating.

Total: 563 - 920, 6,779 yards, 40 TD's, 18 INT's and an average QB rating of 133.74.

No negative off-field issues (that I'm aware of).

I think this kid has the potential to be the franchise QB we need.

I just hope he falls to us at 8.

With the Panthers, Bills, Bengals, Cardinals and 49ers ahead of us, all of them could use a QB.

I'm on the Gabbert band-wagon from here on out and will be cheering for him to be the next Titans QB.