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Thread: Nice article out of Connecticut on Pat Summit.

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    Default Nice article out of Connecticut on Pat Summit.

    Just thought I would share as UConn fans everywhere are thinking of Coach Summit.

    Kara Lawson, now living in Ct, gives great insight into a woman who is much more than just a HOF coach.

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    Thanks for the article. I have some family connections to Pat Summit. My dad went to high school with her older brother in Clarksville, and my dad's brother married one of her cousins. I only met her once, and that was a book signing back in 1996.

    I have a ton of respect for her and her accomplishments at UT. She changed high school girls basketball in Tennessee to standard 5-5 instead of the limiting 6-6 game that was played previously. Many of her players have gone on to coaching. And she just wins (which has been sometimes frustrating as a Vandy fan).

    Other programs have caught up to UT, but her influence has made women's basketball so much better over the years. I really have no clue what she is and will be going through, but my prayers are with her and her family.
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    You can't talk about great coaches without including Pat Summit.

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