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Thread: The BEST mock draft you will find for 2013

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    Default The BEST mock draft you will find for 2013

    Nothing generates more "internet website hits" right now on "sports ball blogs" than NFL mock drafts. People only want to know one thing: "Who in the heck is my favorite American football team going to draft?" and then you go around to different websites like "Wall-E.com" and Mel Diper to find out the answers.

    Except that none of them are right. They are all wrong. Most Mock Drafts will be at least 75% wrong. But not mine. With proven science, I know the below to be true. Here is how the 2013 NFL Draft will play out:

    My 2013 Mock Draft:

    1. Chiefs - A defensive lineman you are skeptical of

    2. Jaguars - A player you weren't familiar with

    3. Raiders - The fastest player at the combine

    4. Eagles - A big name with a questionable attitude

    5. Lions - A wide receiver

    6. Browns - A bad QB

    7. Cardinals - Surprisingly, a pick you really like

    8. Bills - An "overdraft"

    9. Jets - "BOOO!"

    10. Titans - A phenomenal athlete

    11. Chargers - A defensive player that you're surprised was still available

    12. Dolphins - A reach

    13. Buccaneers - A player that is "just perfect for that defense"

    14. Panthers - Something compared to Julius Peppers

    15. Saints - "I think this guy is going to help turnaround that defense" but then doesn't.

    16. Rams - "Finally someone to help stabilize that offensive line" but then doesn't.

    17. Steelers - A "hard-nosed, tough as nails" defensive player

    18. Cowboys - A "steal at 18"

    19. Giants - "BOOOO!"

    20. Bears - A replacement for someone old

    21. Bengals - I don't know but you need to post his bail first

    22. Rams - "Finally someone to catch a pass" but then doesn't

    23. Vikings - An elite talent or Christian Ponder

    24. Colts - Unless it's the #1 overall pick, you are not familiar with this player

    25. Seahawks - A guy that you either thought would go "late 2nd, early 3rd" or literally did not know existed

    26. Packers - Someone "tough in the trenches"

    27. Texans - Defense

    28. Broncos - Literally anything from Von Miller to Tim Tebow

    29. Patriots - A defensive back that disappoints

    30. Falcons - A pick you genuinely like

    31. 49ers - Someone that will be inactive for all of 2013

    32. Ravens - A guy that actually is a steal and you have no idea why the Ravens are getting another stud defensive player


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    actually, he should of put "a university of texas player" for the titans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnarl View Post
    actually, he should of put "a university of texas player" for the titans.
    I would have agreed with this a few years ago, but we haven't taken a Texas Longhorns player in over 5 years since Michael Griffin. He's probably the reason why too.

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