I can understand offering a 3 pack of tickets (full season this year is just 6 home games). The Titans have similar partial ticket plans.

But the price for the location just doesn't make sense. If you select the Austin Peay game and any of the 2 SEC games, the price is $105.02. If you select Western Kentucky and any two SEC games, the price is $130. But in the same sections, you get a full season package for $135.

I just don't see why anyone would spend $130 for 3 games when $135 gets them all. Besides the Austin Peay game (which is just 2 cents), none of the other tickets are discounted ($55 for each SEC game and $20 for WKU). At least when the Titans have their partial season tickets, the ticket price per game is only slightly higher than the season ticket price, and definitely lower than the single game price.

It will be interesting to see if this promotion gets shot down quickly or not.