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    It has been 29 years since the Dodgers played and won a World Series, I still remember that home run made by Gibson which looked like coming from a movie script. Limping and making that home run with just 1 hand.

    The last 3 years were really confusing, the team seemed somewhat ready to get to other heights, yet the pitching wasn't as strong as needed.

    This year the team won over a hundred games, but part of August and September the team trembled. They went into a slump, they lost 11 games in a row, the offense looked shy. Total different story for the Arizona Diamondbags, which was a team who looked pretty strong in those last two months, and they were the Dodgers' nemesis throughout the season.

    So here there were both teams facing each other at the Divisional Series. With a ton of doubts more than having certainity, the Dodgers were an authentic question mark to see which face they'll show.

    And it was just a resilant attitude, pitching and batting. Sweeping the Series.

    Their next opponent will be Cubs or Nationals, for the National League Championship.

    The Cubs broke their curse by winning past WS..and also made look movie director Robert Zemekis as an authentic oracle, since back in the 80's and showing back then in Back to The Future II the Cubs became World Champions, that's what almost happened..just a year after what he showed on the movie (2015...and they won it in 2016).

    The Nationals are a well coached team, they have good batters and decent pitching.

    Anyways, whoever faces the Dodgers it's going to be a very nice NLCS. Lets see what happens.
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