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Thread: Kenny Britt keeps failing

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    Default Kenny Britt keeps failing

    also Corey Coleman (both WRs) missed their team curfew.

    The minor blemish is just the latest knock on Britt, who has fallen well below expectations after signing a four-year, $32.5 million deal with the Browns in March. The veteran has gone from touchdown-catching end zone tower as a member of the Los Angeles Rams to lackadaisical, pass-dropping veteran in Cleveland. Fresh off a career year of 68 catches, 1,002 yards and five touchdowns, Britt has just eight receptions for 121 yards and one touchdown in four games with Cleveland
    Some players...It's quite beyond me that any of them aren't respecting and doing their best, in the best League.
    It's the same as if I get hired by Sagmeister & Walsh (a prestigious Graphic Design company located at NYC) and I never work right, or lack of effort, impunctuality and never accomplish my goals.

    Some professional players (at many sports) are just really weird dudes. I swear.

    NFL.com article
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    Coulda been something special here. One of the biggest disappointments for the Titans. Up there with Pacman and a couple others.

    I attribute his failure to being drafted at the end of the first round...dangerously close to 2nd round territory. Aka the death zone for Titans draft picks.
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