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Thread: Gruden back at Oakland

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    Default Gruden back at Oakland

    Wow, I just never expected he would actually return to coaching anywhere. I guess when you throw enough money at someone, they might take the bait (supposedly $100 million over 10 years, and possibly an ownership stake).

    The only other coach that I can think of to come back after a long absence from coaching is Dick Vermeil. He went 15 years as a sports announcer before returning to football with the Rams. After winning a Super Bowl in his third year, he retired for a year, and then came back to coaching with the Chiefs for a few years.

    I can't imagine Gruden doing very well for a few years. But I guess the Las Vegas Raiders want him to be the star name during the move to help sell tickets. I sure as heck wouldn't want him now, with all that rust.
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    I think this will be looked at as a very bad signing. Gruden was not a good coach in Tampa outside year 1. He was a very poor drafter and developer of talent as well. He built up a good Oakland team once through signing Gannon, Rice, and other vets, but I don’t see this happening again. I think he gets them to the playoffs, but in no way justifies that insane money. He is making more than Harbaugh, Saban, and Meyer, 3 guys with absurd contracts that haven’t been out of coaching for a decade.
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