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Thread: Mike Vrabel's quotes at his presentation to the fans.

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    Default Mike Vrabel's quotes at his presentation to the fans.

    Well, it's quite hard to get information at first hand from the ones who assisted. Then there are the comments of how complicted it was to get there, the lousy audio, since none of the event organizers foreseen the obvious problematic it could bring. And the Titans organization should had treated much much better all the STH's since they are great part of a team and venue's incomes.

    Anyways there are these comments from Mike Vrabel. And this is new, and we also know that "good intentions can also pave the way to hell", because when you speak you better back-up your comments with facts and actions accordingly, otherwise you are just selling "mirrors and smoke".

    So wishing him the best and to see all his words materialize. Overall what he quoted is really promising, and that's the only mindset who can catapult a team to much better heights, and to be kept there...not like a rollercoaster of happenings that Jeff Fisher liked to set things at.

    “We’re going to embrace that, and what that is. And we are going to define that for our players, so that when we say it that we believe it. If you want to say “Titan Up,” then you are going to be competitive, you are going to be tough, you are going to be conditioned and you are going to be disciplined - Mike Vrabel,
    February 2018
    If we are going to say “Titan Up,” then you better be a competitive SOB and you better be tough and you better be disciplined and you better be competitive. - Mike Vrabel, February 2018
    “I believe and we believe as a coaching staff that that’s the only way that you can coach them, is by getting to know them. They have to know how much you care about them. And not that you’re going to cut them any slack, to be honest with you, but you’re going to know how they work, how they tick, what makes them go, how I can push them.
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