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Thread: Looks like the Titans have variable pricing for tickets now

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    Default Looks like the Titans have variable pricing for tickets now

    I was browsing TitansOnline.com and looking at the various ticket packages, as well as the single ticket prices. While you have to call the ticket office to get pricing on the two partial ticket packages, you can look up the prices for each game. It certainly appears that the Titans charge more (and typically a lot more) for certain games this year.

    Section 309 (and comparable other sections)
    Season ticket price per game - $59

    Preseason games, Jets, Jags, Redskins, Colts - $66 (+$20.86 in fees and taxes)
    Texans, Ravens - $76 (+$21.08 in fees and taxes)
    Eagles - $152 (+$26.05 in fees and taxes)
    Patriots - don't have any tickets in my area, but in section 334, it is $222 (+$27.63 in fees and taxes). To compare, that section is $167 for the Eagles game.

    It looks like the Jets, Jags, Redskins, and Colts are all priced the lowest because they will be played in December, a time that has been difficult to sell tickets.

    The Texans and Ravens are slightly higher since they will be played in nice weather, with the Texans our home opener.

    Even though the Eagles won the Super Bowl, there are still a lot of tickets available for that game, though they cost over twice what I pay for my season ticket per game.

    And if you want to make money back this year on tickets, the Patriots game is the way to go. The ticket page also allows you to see what season ticket holders are trying to resell tickets for, and there are 12 available in the two rows in front of me between $400 and $456 a ticket (before fees). The cheapest upper deck resale ticket right now is $190 (section 326 - upper corner end zone).

    Note, the lower bowl is sold out/all tickets reserved for every game.
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    Pats game in my lower bowl section are going for $460 right now

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