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    Default AFC Wild card standings

    While I hope the Titans can win the division, getting a wild card isn't as hard as it looked a few weeks ago.

    1. Chargers 7-2 (5-1 AFC) - It is going to be hard for anyone to knock them out a playoff spot, and they have a win over the Titans already.

    2. Bengals 5-4 (3-2 AFC)

    3. Titans 5-4 (3-4 AFC)

    4. Dolphins 5-5 (4-3 AFC) - have a win over Titans

    5. Ravens 4-5 (4-3 AFC) - have a win over Titans

    6. Colts 4-5 (3-4 AFC)

    The Bengals have a fairly hard schedule remaining (@Ravens, Browns, Broncos, @Chargers, Raiders, @Browns, @Steelers). 8-8 seems to be their high point.

    The Dolphins have a relatively easy schedule left (@Colts, Bills, Patriots, @Vikings, Jags, @Bills). 10-6 or 9-7 is possible.

    I see the Colts games as the big ones. Win both, and we are much closer to the division title and a consolation wild card. Lose both, and the Titans are probably out of the playoffs. Split, and it becomes a tense battle for the wild card.
    Go Titans! Go Braves! Go Preds! Go Dores!

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