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Thread: New ticket pricing this year

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    Default New ticket pricing this year

    It looks like preseason game prices are almost half the price of a regular season game, and there are two games that have a slightly higher price than the other regular season tickets.

    My tickets in 309 actually went down an average of $1 a ticket for this year, while it appears tickets in the lower bowl went up.

    From a season ticket holder perspective, it is a good move by the Titans. Our regular season games are worth more, and those that skip the preseason aren't losing as much. From a casual fan perspective, it hurts, since the tickets for regular season games are pricier by a significant amount.

    What do you all think? Are you happy with the change?

    Also, the number of metal detectors will go up from 73 to 85. The Titans did rent 12 later in the season, but now they will own them all.
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