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Thread: I was wrong about Mariota

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    Default I was wrong about Mariota

    I wanted the Titans to go ahead and give him a new contract this past offseason based on his 4 year history, something like $15 million a year (much less than most starting QBs, but a lot more than backups).

    The Titans did the right thing by just exercising his option (which was still about $21 million), and now he will be gone after this season.

    This was supposed to be his year. He was healthy, he had the best offensive weapons that he has ever had, and the Titans were ready to go from "good to great". But all the issues he has had throughout his career are still there. He doesn't make quick decisions. He focuses on one receiver too much even when other ones are open. He struggles with certain passes. He gets flushed from the pocket too easily.

    The 2-4 start isn't all his fault. The o-line is poorly coached (with this talent, they should be a lot better) and the offense in general is poorly coached (Titans lead the NFL in negative plays, and they are near the bottom in every category). But Marcus hasn't shown enough to be a long-term solution, and it is right to bench him for Tannehill.

    Just like in 2006, 2015 was a bad draft class for QBs. It makes the mistake of 2011 hurt even more, since we could have drafted Kaepernick or Andy Dalton instead of Locker (though neither one became a superstar).

    I still have some great memories of Mariota. The comeback win against the Eagles last year, the amazing playoff win against the Chiefs, as well as all of his come from behind drives to win games.

    A new QB can transform a team like no other player. I certainly hope our next new QB will finally be someone that lasts to at least a 2nd contract.
    Go Titans! Go Braves! Go Preds! Go Dores!

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    The backup is always the favorite when things aren't going well.

    Tanny is a better passer. Should get our WR's more action.

    But mark it, he's going to be on his back a lot also with our O-Line leaking protection.

    The offensive play caller needs to get off the sideline and up in the booth.

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