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Thread: Historic feats that could be made Sunday

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    Default Historic feats that could be made Sunday

    There are quite a few historic things that could happen in our game against the Texans. Some have been mentioned on other sites, while I think I am the only that has looked up the first one.

    1. The Titans have thrown only 8 interceptions this year (2 by Mariota, 6 by Tannehill). If they can avoid any this week, they will break the Oilers/Titans franchise record for a season. The previous best years were 9 INTs in 2003 and 2008. (Note: almost every Tannehill INT this year was on some sort of tip)

    2. A Titans win gives them a 9-7 record for a 4th straight year. Only the Patriots from 2012-15 had the same record for 4 years straight (though it was a much better 12-4).

    3. If the Titans win, they will have a winning record for 4 years straight. The last time this franchise accomplished this feat was 1987-93.

    4. If the Titans win, they will be 5-3 on the road. That would be their first winning road record since 2008.

    5. Ryan Tannehill is currently ahead of Drew Brees in passer rating (116.5 to 115.7). If he can stay ahead, he will be only the 2nd franchise QB to lead the NFL in passer rating for a year (McNair did it in 2003).

    6. AJ Brown needs 73 more receiving yards to break 1000 yards. He would be the first Titan to get there since Walker in 2015, and he would be only the third rookie in franchise history to do so (Bill Groman-1960, Ernest Givins-1986)
    Go Titans! Go Braves! Go Preds! Go Dores!

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