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Thread: Titans-Texans game day thread

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    Default Titans-Texans game day thread

    I think we all know the scenarios for making the playoffs. It does look like the Texans will rest some starters, so there is a good chance we see AJ McCarron as QB for the Texans today (hopefully the whole game). The Titans still need to take this game very seriously, as teams have lost in these situations before.

    It is bothersome that Adoree is out yet again. He wasn't put on IR for his injury, but he has missed every regular season start since them. Same goes with Humprhries. It is easy to understand why Raymond is out, so hopefully Jennings does well as the returner yet again. Thankfully Davis is back, and Henry should be a lot better.

    One thing I would love to see is an opening drive TD. Despite this much improved offense, the Titans have scored two field goals as their only opening drive points this year. They have also had 3 missed/blocked field goals, 3 turnovers, and too many 3-and-outs.

    Go Titans!!!
    Go Titans! Go Braves! Go Preds! Go Dores!

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