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Thread: Titans Free Agency and Roster Updates

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    Default Titans Free Agency and Roster Updates

    We're a couple of moves behind but let's get up to date starting with the biggest question of the offseason answered.

    The Titans signed Tannehill to a four year $118 million dollar contract with $62 million guaranteed. This is what I preferred to happen. We know Tannehill can run this offense. He's younger than Brady and much more mobile. There's definitely the potential for more upside.

    The team then slapped the franchise tag on Derrick Henry. This is a good move that protects our most valuable asset and gives us the opportunity to continue negotiating with him. The money worked out in the Titans favor as the price tag ended up at 10.3 million rather than the expected 12 million or so. As long as Henry doesn't hold out this move gives the team some breathing room.

    Conklin heads to the Browns. As much as I'd prefer to see continuity in the starting line, I'm not overly sad to see Conklin go. His best season was his rookie season in which he earned All Pro honors, thanks in big part to Fasano helping him out. He took a step backward the following season and has battled injuries. Even last season there were many times his man flat beat him. He has a problem with speed rushers and this went back to college. I called him the Human Turnstile because it seemed he was always getting turned around.

    The Titans then signed Dennis Kelly to a $21 million dollar, 3 year contract with 8.75 million guaranteed. That's low-end starter money so I'm guessing the team is comfortable with him starting or we could draft a tackle early to compete with him.

    So what does all this mean? It could mean they're not willing to let Logan Ryan simply walk. But it appears some teams are desperate for corners and may be willing to overpay for him. Like Butler, he's a good but not great corner. If he goes we'll likely nab a corner in the draft to compete with Hooker to move into the starting role opposite Butler.

    These events could also mean the Titans are going to make a play for a big-time pass rusher. If you have uncertainty at the corner spots, the best thing you can do is to improve your pass rush. We all saw how Haynesworth made a Pro Bowler out of a depth corner like Cortland Finnegan. Of course with Finnegan you got two players in one - Finnegan and his flapping gums so there was that, but I digress. I'm really hopeful this is the offseason the Titans address the pass rush in a big way. It was the one piece of the defense that was sorely missing last year.
    The Tennessee Titans - good for whatever ails you!

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