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Thread: Are the Titans good or not?

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    Default Are the Titans good or not?

    Optimistic view: The Titans are 3-0 for only the third time as the Titans, and the other two times led to a Super Bowl berth (99) and best record in the NFL (08). They made important plays late in games and won the games in the clutch. The offense is scoring a lot a points, and the kicking game looks great now. Only one turnover for the season.

    Pessimist view: The Titans beat three teams with a combined record of 1-8, and they beat them by a combined 6 points. The offenses of those teams played much better against the Titans than any other team. Vrabel has never shown to be a good DC. The Titans are also facing two 3-0 teams in the next two games.

    Close Calls
    Broncos: If Byard doesn't deflect a deep pass in the final seconds, the Broncos are in field goal range and probably win

    Jags: Clowney might have been offsides on the final Jags play that led to a game-winning int. Jags terrible kick before the half that led to a quick Titans 3 points.

    Vikings: Before the final field goal, Tannehill threw it right to a Viking's defender, who luckily dropped it.

    Also noted is that the Titans have been missing their #1 CB for all three games, their #1 WR for two games, and their left tackle has missed significant time.

    I do think we are good team, but we are also a darn lucky one as well. The Titans could easily be 0-3, but the Titans were able to get into field goal range at the ends of games, while our opponents could not.
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    Go Titans! Go Braves! Go Preds! Go Dores!

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