I am glad I waited a week on this (usually I do it after most teams have played 4 games), so let's see where the Titans stand in comparison to the rest of the NFL.

Offensive Stats
#16 Total offense - 377.3 ypg
#6 Scoring offense - 30.5 ppg
#17 Passing offense - 245.8 ypg
#9 Rushing offense - 131.5 ypg
#13 Third down conversions - 46.0%
#1 (tie) Fourth down conversions - 100% (one of three teams)
#2 Red zone offense - 82.35% (only the Seahawks are higher at 88.89%)
#2 Sacks allowed (just 4, though we have played one fewer game)

Defensive Stats
#29 Total defense - 409.3 ypg
#9 Scoring defense - 22.5 ppg
#23 Passing defense - 261.0 ypg
#27 Rushing defense - 148.3 ypg
#32 Third Down conversions (60.0%)
#29 (tie with 3 others for last) Sacks (just 5, though we have played one fewer game)

#1 Turnover ratio at +8. 6 Ints, 3 Fumbles, and just have one interception ourselves. Only the Packers have 0 turnovers.


From an offensive side, the Titans are average in gaining yards, but they are terrific in the red zone yet again. They also have protected Tannehill well. Running game has dipped.

From a defensive side, they are giving up a lot of yards, yet the scoring defense is still in the top 10. Turnovers have played a huge role in this (as well as some great 4th down stops), as has field position. The one thing that has to be corrected at some point are third down conversions, as opponents are converting a ridiculous 60% of them (and too many are 3rd and long).

I think we all want to see what the Titans are like with all the expected starters on the field at the same time (especially on defense). That should improve the stats even more.

Of course the most important stat is that the Titans are 4-0.