It feels like it has been forever since the Titans played a road game (it was a little over a month ago on Sept 27), but it should be good for the team to get away from Nashville finally.

This is a game that the Titans have to win, and they should win. If all goes according to plan, the pash rush will look so much better (Bengals are tied for last in sacks allowed), the run game will look great (Bengals are #28 against the run), and the pass game should be solid (Bengals are #25 against the pass).

It just comes down to not making mistakes (like the Colts did 2 weeks ago, falling behind 21-0) and slowing down their passing game. The Titans have made rookie QBs look good in the past (still can't get over losing to Johnny Manziel), and Burrow will get his yards. Titans just need to get turnovers and hit him often.

This is a game I want to see the Titans win by 20 points or more. The Titans can't overlook the Bengals, but just take care of business.